Is there a teenager in your life, 14 years or older, that might benefit from greater focus, self-discipline, and courtesy? If so, consider budo, the traditional martial “Ways” of Japan. For hundreds of years, these arts have instilled virtues and enhanced personal capabilities across a range including but far exceeding self-defense. As one of our teachers put it:

“The very thing which makes traditional martial arts practice valuable, the thing which helps make people stronger and improves character, is its difficulty. It is through overcoming the difficulty (or, more accurately, adapting oneself to the requirements of the art), that one learns about one’s strengths and weaknesses, and builds on the strengths while transforming the weaknesses into strengths or gives up because of pain or fear; and thus does the practitioner define himself or herself.” — Nicklaus Suino, in his book Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship

Now in our 30th year, Itten Dojo is recognized nationally and internationally, with direct access to several of the highest-level instructors in the world. To learn more, visit or call, message, or email. We look forward to meeting you and your teenager and answering whatever questions you might have. #ittendojo #aikijutsu #kenjutsu #iaido


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