Now available on Amazon, in print and Kindle formats! A Journey of Sword and Spirit: Itten Dojo Through Three Decades and Lessons Learned Along the Way.

“A joyous read! Wolfe’s writing skills result in a textural clarity of rich, engaging content useful to all martial artists.”

— Michael DeMarco

Instructor of Chinese Martial Arts, Author, Publisher

“This is a book about a journey, a journey that every serious martial artist makes. It’s a journey to integrity and truth; Mr. Wolfe’s truth and the truth of Itten Dojo.”

— Reg Sakamoto

Instructor of Classical and Modern Japanese Martial Arts

“After decades of study, research, and austere training, I was very happy to see that Wolfe Sensei is presenting the wonderful traditions, principles, and techniques of the Itten Dojo in book form. In an age where many of these traditions are misunderstood, set aside, or merely shrugged off as archaic, I feel that this wonderful presentation may help return the readers to a serious understanding of not only the martial arts training discussed herein but also the intrinsic value that these techniques and principles can instill in one’s everyday existence.”

— Edward Castillo (Salahuddin Muhammad)

Instructor of Neo-Classical Japanese Martial Arts



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